approach / competences

Design office, creative boutique, strategy cell,
travel agency... SST Events is a little bit of everything.
And our top concern is the individual,
who dedicates most of his time to his work and therefore his company.

This is an original approach triggered by the issue of refocusing on the individual, the vital part of a team and a company.


The goals of the companies who request SST EVENTS services are as varied as their respective histories, evolutions, business lines and current needs.

There are numerous reasons for wanting to appeal to SST EVENTS :

  • stimulating commitment,
  • thanking employees for the results obtained,
  • improving relations within a team,
  • preparing future changes.

In all cases, anticipation is the best motivation.
In other words, acting before having to react.




When faced with a request, our teams focus on understanding the in-depth meaning, the objective and the various dimensions; they think about what each participant should ideally experience during the event; they come up with original recommendations.
After a team brainstorming, a project manager is designated and becomes the sole SST EVENTS interlocutor for the client company.
In order to complete the project, he makes use of the team's resources, but he also appeals to a network of professional contacts from the region or country where the meeting takes place - A quality guarantee.
We also create events that are tailored to each company's challenges, for example by directing certain happenings that are likely to become very repetitive such as plenary sessions.
We script the important messages that the management wants to convey to employees.
We contribute to team motivation thanks to trips during which we combine work meetings with discovery activities.
We offer emotional acknowledgement moments to managers who have proven their commitment to the company...


Stepping out of your day-to-day environment and into a surprising universe, experiencing a remarkable event… these are all aspects conducive to a greater responsiveness than in a professional context and facilitate exchanging information, sharing experiences and changing attitudes.


We build our events around a theme, we enrich the project from the very beginning and we try to surprise participants all the while contributing to the process targeted by the company's management.
Organizing an event is a complex matter: this is why SST EVENTS brings together multiple competences, in order to accurately manage all the aspects related to preparing and running each event: project managers that have participated in the main international professional fairs, graphic designers, videographers, audio-visual stage managers up to date with the latest technologies,...